portable toilets and showers

Portable Toilets and Showers

ML Environment Services can offer a wide range of portable toilet facilities, available in various sizes to suit your needs, from a single re-cycling unit to a 9 person welfare unit complete with self contained services.

  1. portable toilets
  2. disabled toilets
  3. ethnic toilets
  4. portable shower units
  5. 7-9 person welfare unit


We Also Hire

  1. temporary security fencing
  2. lighting towers
  3. generators
  4. towed fuel
  5. water bowsers complete with dust suppression.


We can also offer wet waste removal services:

  1. cesspit & septic tank emptying
  2. drain & gully cleaning
  3. oil & water removal
  4. water delivery
  5. pressure washing

ML Environment Services are fully licensed to carry waste
and have a safe & correct working waste disposal policy.

We know how important the details are, whether you are organising an event, a business function or a new project. we at ml environmental services want you to have peace of mind that our facilities will create the right impression.

We provide hire on a short or long term, for any occasion.


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portable shower and toilet blocks

Portable showerPortable toilet


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